A Chipped Tooth Needs Repair Before Tooth Decay Can Exploit it

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While your teeth are very hard, there are still things that can chip or fracture your tooth enamel. Suffering a chipped tooth from crunching on ice, or nibbling on objects might not cause discomfort or heightened sensitivity. Even if you are not distressed, by the damaged tooth, you should still strongly consider having it examined and repaired at North Texas Dental Associates’s Plano, Texas clinic.

The damaged tooth enamel surfaces could eventually come to harbor bacterial material, fostering tooth decay to form in the already distressed tooth. Sometimes we can prevent this by applying a simple filling. However, if the chip is large or on a critical biting surface we might recommend replacing the entire tooth enamel layer with a crown.

This type of dental restoration is designed to replace the entire tooth enamel layer with a nearly perfect replica cast from porcelain, gold, or an alloy of base metals.

Your dentist will numb the area, before removing the entire tooth enamel layer of the tooth. This will remove any decay while leaving behind an anchoring abutment made from the healthy dentin layer of the tooth.

One of our staff members will take an impression of the area, including the corresponding teeth in your dentition. This will be sent to our off-site dental lab where your permanent crown will be created.

When it’s ready, we will call you back in to cement the crown onto the abutment with a special dental adhesive.

If you live in the Plano, Texas area and you have a tooth with a chip, you should call 972.535.6647 to seek treatment and restoration at North Texas Dental Associates’s dental offices.