Using safe and effective enteral conscious sedation, which is also called oral sedation, in Plano, Texas, we can help make every visit at our office completely relaxing, even for the most anxious patient! Oral sedation involves taking a pill an hour or so prior to your visit at North Texas Dental Associates. Remember to have someone drive you to your appointment, because by the time you get here, you’ll be totally relaxed! Once you arrive, Dr. Hillstrom and our dental team will carefully watch you and take care of you every minute. After your friend or family member drives you home from the appointment, the sedation will gradually wear off and you won’t be able to remember a thing!

Conscious sedation has many benefits. It is:

  • Simple – All you have to do is swallow a small pill!
  • Safe – You will be monitored by one of our caring team members throughout the entire appointment.
  • Effective – Some people even fall asleep when they take oral sedation!

If you suffer from dental anxiety, please call our dental office today. We’ll help you learn more about sedation dentistry and how it can help you enjoy your visits with the dentist!