Mouth guards are custom dental appliances that we use for a variety of reasons. Dr. Hillstrom offers several types of mouth guards in Plano, Texas, including:

  • Night Guards – These are used to protect the teeth against bruxism (night-time teeth grinding and jaw clenching).
  • Athletic Guards –To help protect your teeth and the surrounding tissues from injury when you’re “in the zone,” we offer custom athletic guards.
  • TMD Splints – For those who have been diagnosed with TMJ disorder, TMD splints can help ease pain and restore function to your mouth and jaw.

If you need a mouth guard, our dentists will take an impression of your teeth. A special material is used to mold the mouth guard over the material. Your custom mouth guard will fit comfortably and perfectly. It will not restrict your breathing or speech. Mouth guards are durable and easy to clean.

Please call North Texas Dental Associates today to learn more about our custom mouth guards and how they can protect your teeth and mouth. We’ll answer your questions and help you schedule your consultation with our dentists so you can begin achieving your oral health goals now. We are excited to serve you and your smile!