Root canals are often used to restore teeth that have become significantly damaged, decayed, infected, or abscessed. Unlike a tooth extraction, which requires complete removal of the natural tooth, root canal therapy allows you to keep the natural tooth and remove only the decay and infection. Dr. Hillstrom may recommend a root canal in Plano, Texas, for one or more of the following reasons:

  • An infection or abscess has started to develop inside the tooth
  • The tooth has recently received injury
  • Decay has reached the living tissue inside the tooth (pulp)

With the advent of anesthetic, root canal therapy is often a painless procedure, and when completed actually relieves pain caused by an infected tooth. No matter what the reason for root canal therapy, it can restore a tooth and your oral health. Following the root canal, a crown will be placed for protection, aesthetics, and function. Please call North Texas Dental Associates immediately if you notice any pain or discomfort on or near the teeth. Our dentists and team will do our best to see you as soon as possible to get you back to optimal oral health. We are excited to serve you and your smile!