Look for the ADA’s Seal of Acceptance Before Purchasing a Child-Safe Toothpaste

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The American Dental Association offers several guidelines and recommendations to help people of all ages to maintain a healthy mouth. This is especially important for children. Tooth loss from severe cavities can result in the loss of a primary tooth, which could increase their chances of needing braces in their teenage years.

At the same time encouraging good oral hygiene habits in their youth will increase your son or daughter’s chances of maintaining those habits in their adult years.

You should start brushing and flossing each of their teeth as soon as they emerge from the gums. Try to make the experience fun and upbeat to keep them engaged in the process of cleaning their teeth.

Many oral hygiene product manufacturers will offer child-friendly kinds of toothpaste with colorful images, designs, and themes related to popular cartoon characters. This can help build your child’s enthusiasm for brushing their teeth.

It’s important to note that some of these child-safe tubes of toothpaste rely more on interesting graphics rather than effectiveness. When you are shopping for a new toothpaste, you need to look for the American Dental Association’s Seal of Acceptance. This small logo printed on the package indicates that the ADA has tested and researched the active ingredients for safe and effective use in a daily oral hygiene routine.

After identifying the highest quality brands, you can then let your child select which flavor and theme they like best. This will help keep them excited and encouraged to brush their teeth twice each day while giving you the comfort of knowing they’re using a high-quality product.

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