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Are you familiar with the basics of wisdom teeth and what purpose they serve? Do you know whether you have wisdom teeth and how many? We invite you to review the following information to deepen your knowledge of wisdom teeth and help you have a better idea of what questions you may want to ask us at your next dental visit.

Wisdom teeth are the third molars, ranging from one to four, that erupt during your late teen to early adult years, and are the last set of teeth that appear. Not everyone’s wisdom teeth are the same–some patients never develop wisdom teeth, while actually have more than four wisdom teeth in their smile.

Furthermore, wisdom teeth may not have enough space to erupt, causing them to become impacted under the gums and unable to erupt. Patients who have impacted wisdom teeth may not realize anything is wrong, but a dental exam with our dentist can reveal any issues with the wisdom teeth and any problems they may be causing. If you are experiencing pressure or pain deep in your gums, is may be a sign of troubled wisdom teeth that need to be removed.

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