Dental Facts on Dental Damage Prevention

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In order to properly care for your smile, it is important to make sure you are exercising caution with all changes in your life and habits that are contained therein. Every new habit your life brings up brand new opportunities for dental damage, so it is important to always think about how many hazards you are involved and how it could be affecting your teeth and gums.

To keep your mouth safe, it is important to always protect your smile against all forms of dental damage. One often overlooked form of dental damage that can arise occurs due to adult teeth erupting in your mouth. With your wisdom teeth specifically, there may be issues when they grow in including tooth decay, infection, as well as alterations to your smile. When they put additional pressure on other teeth, but they can lead to crossbites.

If you are involved in any high-risk activities such as contact sports, it is important to make sure you are always protecting your smile as best as possible. Due to the constant risk of oral accidents and injuries due to blunt trauma, you should always wear the appropriate facial gear to ensure your teeth and gums are well-protected. This includes using helmets, face masks, or mouth guards when applicable.

Are you aware of the risks associated with wearing mouth jewelry? Mouth jewelry can lead to severe oral ailments including devastating consequences on your teeth and gums. Furthermore, unhealthy habits such as smoking or chewing tobacco or using drugs can severely hinder your oral health and your physical health. It can give rise to tooth loss and cancers.

Seeking a better smile and better oral health without dental damage prevention treatments is a difficult task to comprehend for individuals who seek true oral health superstardom. For more information about dental damage prevention treatments or to schedule an oral exam or professional cleaning with Dr. James Hillstrom and our team at our dentist office in Plano, Texas, please contact North Texas Dental Associates at 972.535.6647.