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With all the risk factors prevalent in the creation of halitosis, it is important to first examine your body and the find its underlying condition for treating the cause of the halitosis itself. This is because halitosis, also known as bad breath, doesn’t always begin in your mouth. Although in many cases it can be resolved by treating an infection or another issue within your mouth, it can also be related to an underlying ailment deep within your body.

It is possible deep underlying health conditions within your body could be causing your halitosis. Issues including kidney failure, liver problems, as well as respiratory tract infections, are all known causes of halitosis. However, halitosis can even be caused by medications you’re taking as they can produce bad breath is a side effect.

Poor oral hygiene can lead to bad breath as plaque buildup is a known cause. Oral health ailments such as gum disease can also cause bad breath. Due to the fact that optimum oral health is important for keeping your mouth free of harmful acids and residue, always make sure you aren’t suffering from dry mouth and be sure to clean your teeth on a daily basis.

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