Aspects of a Super Smile: Healthy/Unhealthy Foods

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The key to a healthy mouth includes a healthy diet. Just as foods can drastically alter your waistline, they can also alter your gum line. Thus, it is important to always maintain a healthy diet and avoid damaging your teeth and gums. For additional help with your diet, visit your dentist for effective food and drink choices to consider, such as the following:

– Always select healthy enamel-building foods that are high in the minerals calcium and phosphorus. Calcium and phosphorus are known to help rebuild tooth enamel.
– Focus on foods that can help stimulate saliva flow. This includes crunchy foods with a high water content such as apples or pears. Chewing gum can also be beneficial.
– Always make sure you avoid snacking in between meals and avoid products that can increase the rate at which dental erosion occurs. This includes acidic, sugary, sticky or chewy products and any other sweets & treats that are known contributors to dental erosion.
– Avoid products that can easily chip and crack your teeth, such as hard candies or other tough products.
– Stay away from foods that can easily end up lodged between your teeth, as they may be difficult to clean. This includes popcorn balls and popcorn kernels.

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