Removing Your Wisdom Teeth Can Help Your Smile

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Wisdom teeth are known to be a problem for many young adults as they begin to erupt in the gums. In fact, removing your wisdom teeth is known to improve your oral health because it can help you avoid severe complications that can occur from wisdom teeth eruption. Your wisdom teeth can force your teeth out of alignment or become impacted, causing intense pain.

Our dentist, Dr. James Hillstrom, understands the importance of removing your wisdom teeth and is happy to assist you in the process. Our team at North Texas Dental Associates is also thrilled to help you understand more about your wisdom teeth.

Here are some basic facts about removing your wisdom teeth:
– To protect your smile from risks associated with wisdom teeth erupting above the gum line, make sure that you visit the dentist for routine checkups.
– Oftentimes, you will need pain medications and pain relievers during a wisdom tooth eruption because of the pain and discomfort that you may feel.
– If your wisdom teeth erupt in the wrong place or do not fully grow in, you may need to visit our dentist for a wisdom tooth extraction.
– Wisdom tooth eruption can often produce various oral health risks, such as swollen and inflamed gums. As wisdom teeth erupt, your gums may be vulnerable to various forms of infection and even gum disease.

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