Meet Brenda, our awesome financial/treatment coordinator.

Brenda has been with this practice since 1981 and is proud to now work with Dr. Hillstrom. She loves our wonderful patients and does all that she can to help them obtain the dentistry that they need. Brenda is also a registered dental assistant, making her a great asset to the practice. Brenda is the… Read more »

We are excited to welcome Dr. Eric Gabrielsen to our team!

We are so excited to announce that we will be adding another member to our amazing team next month. Dr. Eric Gabrielsen will be joining us in June, and we couldn’t be more thrilled! Come on in and meet our newest Doc. Let’s give him and his cute family a proper Texas welcome!! Let the… Read more »

Our shoe drive has officially begun…

Check out the movie below to learn more about our shoe drive and what we are all about!!

Our Upcoming Smile Initiative.

Do you remember our spill about the Acacia tree in our logo? If not,visit “our Philosophy” page and get a refresher… The Acacia tree has been a symbol of integrity, resilience, and stability since biblical times. We want to represent something similar. We are not only passionate about improving oral health, we are also passionate… Read more »

We are busy..stay tuned!

We have been busy getting ready for something great! We are SO excited to announce our SMILE INITIATIVE this month… We are hosting our very first annual Shoe Drive! We are joining forces with Buckner Shoes for Orphan Souls and helping some orphans in need. Stay tuned for more details,  mark your calendars for May… Read more »

Meet Regina!

 Meet Regina, one of our fabulous Dental Hygienists! Regina is our newest team member and joined North Texas Dental Associates in 2013. Her enthusiasm and passion for dentistry has made a wonderful impression on our patients already. Her outgoing personality and sense of humor makes you feel right at home. Regina also has a background… Read more »

What’s in your toothpaste

  Ever wondered what’s really in your toothpaste? Well, look no further! Next time you brush, you can rest assured knowing that your toothpaste is battling bad breath and tartar with your help. 

Throwback Thursday

I couldn’t help getting in on the fun that is THROWBACK THURSDAY! Here is the Doc looking pretty official in Dental School! Go Bucks!

Welcome to our blog!

    Here is something to smile about!  Welcome to our very first blog post!  Check back frequently for more dental FUN…