Your Smile Needs You to Floss!

Do you care about your smile? Then you should floss each day! Flossing is a key factor to oral health success. To help you understand flossing, our team here at North Texas Dental Associates in Plano, Texas, is happy to talk to you about the importance of flossing each day. Flossing should be an important step in your daily hygiene... read more »

Good Oral Hygiene Habits Are Essential for Gum Disease Prevention

Gum disease is an easily preventable oral health condition where the natural bacteria in your mouth cause inflammation and potential infection in the sensitive gum tissues. When food residue and plaque are not effectively removed by your daily oral hygiene routine, they can gradually start to calcify. Unfortunately, once tartar adheres to the teeth, it can be extremely difficult to... read more »

Why you Should Floss Your Teeth

If you’ve ever visited a dentist—and even if you haven’t—you’ve probably heard that you need to floss your teeth every day. While this is true, do you ever wonder why flossing is so important? Similarly, do you ever wonder if there’s something you could do to be flossing better? You see, flossing cleans your gum line. In reality, there is... read more »