A Dental Implant Supported Bridge Can Help Replace Multiple Missing Teeth

If you are reticent to have cavities treated, the tooth decay will inevitably progress to compromise an increasing amount of healthy dental structure. In time the poor oral hygiene condition in your mouth could leave you with severe cavities on multiple teeth. This could potentially result in the total loss of two or more teeth in one area of your... read more »

Dental Crown: When a Filling Isn’t Enough

James Hillstrom and our North Texas Dental Associates team are pleased to be able to offer dental crowns for our patients in Plano, Texas and the neighboring communities when a filling just isn’t enough to do the job. A dental crown may be used to repair a smile that is experiencing any of the following dental conditions: 1-Cracked Tooth Syndrome:... read more »

Basic First-Aid and Treatment Information for a Fractured Tooth

Your tooth enamel is one of the hardest biological substances. This is what gives your teeth the strength to bite and chew hard foods. Unfortunately, there are still some instances when a tooth can suffer a fracture. This might be as traumatic as an unprotected blow to the face or something as simple as grinding your teeth at night. The... read more »